SAFTA Advanced Security Officer Training

If you are interested in purchasing this course, or would like to see if you may be eligible for 100% financial assistance, please contact SherryAnn Banks by emailing

School Fees — $3,495 (all expenses included)

This 80-hour (two week) course includes the following:

  • Powers to arrest/ weapons of mass destruction
  • Report writing, stun gun, Taser, pepper spray, handcuffing
  • Officer survival self defense
  • Criminal law and civil law constitutional law
  • Crimes against persons and property
  • CPR first aid
  • Legal aspects in the possession of firearms
  • Rules and regulations regarding California firearms laws
  • Shoot/No-Shoot decision making
  • Care and handling of firearms
  • Transportation and carrying of firearms
  • Home defense laws and regulations
  • Alternative devices other than lethal
  • Escalation of force
  • Moral and legal use of the handgun for defense
  • Use of impact weapons for self defense
  • Interviewing techniques and job search training

Standard Equipment Package Includes:

  • All State fees for Licenses and Permits
  • All Live Scan fingerprinting fees
  • Binder including all handouts for the Security Training Course
  • Double Lock Handcuffs and Cuff Case
  • Side-Handle Baton or Straight Baton Holder
  • Side Handle, or Straight Collapsible Baton
  • Aerosol Defense Canister Holder
  • Duty Belt
  • Multi-fit Radio Pouch
  • Four Belt Keepers for Duty Belt
  • Ammunition and Range fees to qualify in two calibers for Firearms License